BRI006 BLACK GEL DOUBLE BRIDLE - ALL ENGLISH DISCIPLINES $224.80-$389.70 - Flexible Fit Equestrian Australia
BRI006 BLACK GEL DOUBLE BRIDLE - ALL ENGLISH DISCIPLINES $224.80-$389.70 - Flexible Fit Equestrian Australia


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This Black Gel Double bridle is hand crafted from the finest quality English leather and padded with our unique gel to create one of the most luxurious and comfortable bridles on the market. 

How it works

  • First select your crown piece style in the required size.
  • Select your bradoon cheek pieces in the size required.
  • Select your weymouth cheekpieces in the size required.
  • Select a browband from our large range of styles in your required size.
  • Select a suitable noseband from our range that matches your style preferences and schooling needs in the required size.
  • Select a pair of reins (optional) in the size you need from our range of options for both your snaffle and weymouth bits. 

This bridle uses our tried and tested gel padding for an unsurpassed level of comfort for your horse. Padding the headpiece, nosebands, and some browband options, this gel is activated by your horse's body heat and moulds to the shape of their head with use. 

Our Monocrown Double Bridle crown piece is a dedicated double bridle (cannot be used as a snaffle) that consists of a single piece of leather passing over the poll. The headpiece features our unique gel padding and is anatomically cut back behind the ears to reduce pressure. All straps of the bridle, including noseband and cheek pieces, buckle on both sides of the headpiece for a perfect fit. This results in considerably less bulk passing over the poll and reduces pressure, increasing comfort and acceptance of the bridle. The billeted cheek pieces are 4/8" wide creating a slimline, elegant picture suited to every horse. 

With the ability to select each bridle component in any size, this bridle will allow you an unsurpassed level of fit that cannot be found in standard off the shelf bridles. 

Featuring stainless steel hardware, and the highest quality leather construction, this bridle will last you years to come.

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of your Flexible Fit product. In order to maximise the lifecycle of your products, we have included these care instructions for you to follow.

How to maintain your bridle/leather product

Flexible Fit products are unique in that they are pre oiled in the vegetable tanning process. You will notice how soft the leather is when you receive your Flexible Fit product, and this means that maintaining your bridle/leather products is simple.

The following steps should be adhered to in order to maximise the life of your product.
  • Once you receive your product, try it on for fit. Do not do up the buckles as this will mark the leather, instead thread through the keepers in case you need to exchange the size. When you are certain that it fits properly, do the following BEFORE use.
  • Use a leather cream such as Effax Leather Balsam to nourish and moisturise the leather. You will need to pay particular attention to the headpiece and make sure it is well moisturised.
  • During the first two weeks of use you should cream your bridle 2-3 times per week to lubricate the leather fibres.
  • DO NOT condition the leather every day after the first two weeks.
  • DO NOT EVER use liquid oil.
  • Once the leather is soft and well-conditioned, maintenance should be minimal. Occasional creaming is recommended once every 1-2 months.
  • An occasional saddle soap can be used and can be wiped with a damp cloth at owner’s discretion by following product label directions. Do not use product on the bridle every day.
  • If your bridle looks cracked or creased, you have not given the leather adequate leather conditioner, or not adequately conditioned the bridle before use.
  • Clean your patent with a petroleum jelly (minimal amount)

Happy Riding!

Returns / Refunds

    If there is a fault with a product within 12 months of purchase we will provide the following in below order

  • provide a replacement that is identical, or of similar value
  • repair the product within a reasonable time, or
  • give a refund
  • If the product is more than 12 months old and isn’t a result of usual wear and tear, please email us and in some situations we may still chose to provide a replacement.

Returning products for repair

Products do not need to be in their original packaging to be returned. Consumers may, however, need to ensure the products are adequately protected for posting or collection. If the consumer is not able to take the products to the supplier in person, and the supplier does not have a complimentary pick up or return policy, the consumer may have to return them by post or another delivery service.

As a general rule, if the item can be posted or easily returned, consumers should cover the initial cost of returning faulty products to the supplier. Consumers should keep the receipts for those costs because if the returned products are later confirmed to have a fault - whether major or minor - they can recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the seller.

When consumers do not have the right to return a product

Consumers do not have a right to return a product if they:

  • changed their mind and no longer want the product
  • ordered the wrong product
  • found the product cheaper elsewhere
  • found a better product elsewhere
  • were aware of the relevant fault before buying the product - for example, if the fault was written on the product's tag, or for online purchases, indicated in any photos or descriptions of the item online
  • damaged the product by misusing it
  • used the product for a long time and the problem is as a result of usual wear and tear.
Products that are not covered

Products not covered under consumer guarantees include those:

  • products purchased on sale
  • products acquired as a prize
  • products acquired by a person for the purpose of on-selling or re-supplying
  • Products acquired to be used, in trade or commerce, in the manufacture or production or repair of something else.

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